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"3P" Anti-trafficking Policy Index


Addressing human trafficking has become an important policy agenda for the EU and many other countries worldwide today. Gauging magnitudes of the crime and evaluating anti-trafficking policies provide a critical tool for systematic analysis of human trafficking and evidence-based policy making.


The 3P Anti-trafficking Policy Index (3P Index), developed by myself through the EU-financed project on Indexing Trafficking in Human Beings (2010-2012, University of Goettingen), serves this goal. The 3P Index evaluates governmental anti-trafficking efforts in the three main policy dimensions (3Ps), based on the requirements prescribed by the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children (2000). 

The three main anti-trafficking policy dimensions (3Ps) evaluated are:

Prosecution of perpetrators of human trafficking
Prevention of the crime of human trafficking
Protection of the victims of human trafficking

Each of the 3P areas is evaluated on a 5-point scale and each index is aggregated to the overall 3P Anti-trafficking Index as the  sum (i.e., score 3-15).

  • Sub-index of Prosecution, Prevention, and Protection, respectively: score range from 1 (no compliance) to 5 (full compliance)
  • 3P Anti-trafficking Policy Index: score range from 3 (no compliance for any of the three areas) to 15 (full compliance for all of the three areas)

The 3P Anti-trafficking Policy Index is available for each country and each year, including up to 189 countries for the preiod from 2000 to 2015.

Source of the Map: Cho, Seo-Young,  Human Trafficking, Germany only Average when it comes to Protecting Victims, DIW Economic Bulletin vol. 2, Nov. 2012

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