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Course Offering


Free University of Berlin (2020-2021)

  • Methods for Korean Studies (Methoden der Koreastudien, master)
  • Research Methods for Korean Studies (PhD methodology workshop)

University of Graz (WS 2020/21)

  • Gender and Migration in Globalization (master)
  • Gender Economics (master)
  • Integrative Methods for Gender Research (master)
University of Tübingen (SoSe 2020)
  • Korean Economy and Policy (bachelor)       
  • Social Capital and Contemporary Korean Society (master)

University of Marburg (2013-2019)

  • Introduction to Empirical Economic Research (Econometrics, bachelor)
  • Empirical Institutional Economics (master)
  • Empirical Economic Research on Gender (master)
  • Introduction to Data Aanalysis using STATA (bachelor)
  • Seminars on Gender-based Violence, Female Migration, Asian Economic Development, Globalization, and Crime

Humboldt University Berlin (2012)

  • International Economic Development (master)

University of Göttingen (2008-2012)

  • Seminar: Gender-based Violence (bachelor)
  • Exercise Sessions of Advanced Development Economics, Gender and Development, Development Aid, Institutional Economics, and Economics and Politics of Globalization  

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